October 11, 2014

I am getting married in one year. 

I have been waiting to say that for many years now.  Joey and I have been together since we were in high school.  11 years to be exact.   Each year I thought that would be “the year” that I would be able to say that I was engaged.  Now that I am, everything remains the same except for my stress level, which has risen to one of its highest points in years.

It is hard to be a bride.   No one tells you that.  Magazines and television shows will allow you to believe that it is a “magical” time, and some even call it the “best time of your life,”  which is a dangerous route to go down.   I am here to tell you that while being engaged to the love of your life is exciting, so far, for me, that’s about all the magic there is.   People become crazy, people let you down, and everything is 1,000 times more expensive than you thought it would be.

When you first get engaged, people fawn over you asking all about it, but that eventually goes away and the bride is left to plan the largest event of her life, most of the time by herself.  The planning has only just begun and I have threatened to cancel the party several times.  Even though we have already placed a $3,500 deposit on our venue at MGM Grand Detroit, sometimes I think the financial loss would be worth making the headache go away.

This is not a blog to tell you how terrible being engaged is.  I like being engaged, and some aspects of planning I truly enjoy.  Joey proposed May 13, and over the past few months, I have been thinking that I should start blogging to address the ups and downs and the best and worst experiences of hosting a 150 person, expensive, elegant wedding.  Over the next year, I will be honest and tell you when things are amazing and when things seem like the worst they could get.  I hope that while I share my experiences, I can provide entertainment, assistance, and a reminder that my fellow brides are not alone.

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