Get Organized.

Really.  Do it.  If you are organized your wedding will be much easier to plan (and much less stressful) than someone who is all over the place.   I have a few ways I stay organized.

First, I have a binder, tabs and a three hole punch.  I went to Target and bought the most beautiful binder they had.  It makes it more fun if the binder is *jazzy.*  Because my wedding is still about a year out, the only sections I have so far are:

1) Potential shower venues and their menus


2) Signed Contracts

We already have our venue and photographer booked, and keeping your documents all in one place is very helpful if you need to refer to it.   Do I sound like Monica Geller yet?  It’s because we are the same person.

Second, I have a word document for every company category that we haven’t booked yet.  (Bridal Gown, Floral, Design, DJ)  I look into at least four per category and keep notes on conversations I have with people.  If they were rude, I toss them.  If they don’t care about a potential client, they really won’t care once they get your deposit money.  If they have negative reviews online, I read what the reviews say, and depending on what the problem was, whether or not the vendor responded, and the number of negative reviews, I toss them.  There are SO many vendors in every city that it is impossible to talk to them all, so you have to have a process of weeding them out.

Third, I am signed up on The Knot.  I primarily use it for their timeline, because it lists pretty much everything you need to do and when you should do it.  I am the type of person who likes to do things early and get it done, so I move a lot of the tasks around to fit my schedule.  You can even have it send you an email reminder…for example, my last reminder two weeks ago was to get my Maid of Honor the info on which bridal salons we are going to visit for bridesmaid dress shopping.  We are doing it early because she lives in LA and will be in town in a couple of weeks, so I was able to change that from the suggested timeline that The Knot gave me.

Fourth, I picked a great Maid of Honor.  If you haven’t chosen yours yet, CHOOSE WISELY.  Being friends with someone for a long time or feeling pressure to pick your sister does not mean that that is the best choice for you.  Your MOH will be your right hand woman throughout your entire planning process.  Trust me, you don’t want to eff this one up.  One of my bridesmaids got married last year and her MOH made her experience much harder instead of making it easier.   Unless you want your bridal shower at Denny’s and you want to add coordinating with all of your bridesmaids for every task to your already packed schedule, do yourself a favor and pick the best woman for the job.  If she is truly your best friend, she will cater to your needs (unless you become a crazy Bridezilla, in which case you can kiss any help at all goodbye.)

If you’re close to your wedding and you are feeling overwhelmed with stuff to get done, it’s not too late to get your shit together.   Break it down by category and take your time.   You will thank me later.

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