The Skinny on Bridal Shows

My bridesmaid Kara told me that I should go to one bridal show just to get the experience, and that it should be the big one because they are all the same type of deal.  In Detroit, our largest bridal show is the Novi Bridal Expo.  I asked my mom and off we went.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but as it turns out, it’s the same as most other expos…tons of vendor booths.  If you are far along in the process of planning your wedding there isn’t much to see unless you want to go for fun with your girlfriends for the cake samples.

When you first walk in, they have you fill out a card with your name, address, email and phone number.  DO NOT WRITE  YOUR REAL PHONE NUMBER.  I never imagined the sheer volume of calls I would be receiving just from filling out that little yellow sheet of paper.  The individual booths ask for your info when you visit them, so I only filled out my information at the vendor booths I was interested in.  I was under the impression that these booths were the only people who would be calling me because I had specifically expressed interest in their services.  What they don’t tell you is that the expo is sponsored by a number of vendors, and when you fill out your “registration form” in the front, the sponsors then get access to all of your information and will call you…and call you…and call you.  It’s been months since the show and I just got a call from a tuxedo place this morning.  Most of the places who call you are actually located at a call center out of state, so even if you do answer the call, you still have to make contact with whatever place they are calling on behalf of.  (I’m looking at you, David’s Bridal.)  This has basically been my nightmare because I hate talking on the phone.  It’s very irritating to have to be asked to be taken off of a call list that you never thought you were on in the first place.

The part that I was most looking forward to at the expo was the fashion show.  I LOVE fashion and we got a spot in the front row so I was pretty excited.  Bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses were featured from David’s Bridal.  What a disaster.  None of the models had been fitted properly.  The dresses were all either skin tight, showing bulges on even the skinniest girls, or so loose that you could barely even tell what the shape of the dress was supposed to be.  One of the DJ vendors was the emcee for the show, which could have been a really great platform for him to gain business.  Another disaster.  Not only did he make the entire show about himself, but the sound system would cut in and out and constantly get feedback from the speakers, which he didn’t even bother to try and fix.  If anything, the bridal show was a who’s who of people not to use for your wedding.

There were two fashion shows, and we obviously didn’t stick around for the second one.  I got something in the mail stating that during the second show I won some type of skin rejuvenation service from a cosmetic surgery center which I, once again, had not given my information to.  They do tons of giveaways but you might end up with something that you can’t use.

Overall I’m glad I went…it was a fun day with my mom and there were some yummy food and cake samples to choose from.   I do feel the same way that Kara does about it;  you should go to one for the experience, but once you’ve seen one, there’s no need to go to another, and if you value your sanity, you’ll fake number that bitch.

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