Engagement Photos

Our engagement photos were taken November 1st and we had all of them back within a week, which is perfect for me because I am the  most impatient person on this earth.  We had so much fun, which I think is key to getting good photos.  A lot of our photos we are genuinely smiling because we were laughing.

I learned of Jeffrey Lewis Bennett‘s photography skills when I saw a photo of his in Hour Detroit Magazine.  The style, color and pose were unlike any wedding photos I had seen before.  Joey actually said “call him tomorrow first thing. We need to book him.”  We met Jeffrey at a coffee house and he showed us his photo books and chatted with us about his style and what we were looking for.  He is such a genuinely nice guy and we could both be our weird, goofy selves around him.  It’s important to feel totally comfortable with your photographer so that you will get the best possible photos.  He is extremely professional and has great ideas for poses that come across well in photos, but he’s not bossy and he welcomes your input if you want to do a particular pose.  We got around 80 photos back and the cool thing is that he gives you all of the photos in a few different custom colors so you can choose your favorites.  Here is a sampling of our engagement photos:

All photos by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett

110113_003 - Version 3 110113_012 - Version 3110113_083 - Version 3 110113_015 - Version 3 110113_063 - Version 3 110113_017 - Version 4 110113_030 - Version 4  110113_050 - Version 4 110113_052 - Version 4 110113_034 - Version 3

110113_055 - Version 3

110113_054 - Version 5

110113_060 - Version 5

110113_064 - Version 5 110113_070 - Version 5 110113_077 - Version 5 110113_080 - Version 5 110113_081 - Version 5

As you can see we did not opt for the usual engagement photos.  I think those photos are so boring and over the top with the “romance” and I would NEVER make it through it without laughing at the idiocy of it.  My idea of romance is ironing for my man while he reads the paper!  Just kidding.   I don’t even know how to iron.