Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

I was a bridesmaid for the first time last year. We went to the store with the largest, most affordable selection of bridesmaid dresses in our area: David’s Bridal. The experience was a nightmare. Our “consultant” had the bride’s name wrong; the dresses that the bride had pre-selected with her mother and put into their system to streamline the process were not saved; and the consultant had no idea how to measure. Most of the dresses, mine included, when shipped to the store, had to be returned for a variety of reasons. Having something that is supposedly new shipped from a warehouse with snags all over it made me question if the dresses really were unworn. The multiple trips to the store got to be frustrating and one of her bridesmaids even had to return her gown for a multitude of reasons FIVE TIMES.

Needless to say, David’s Bridal got the treatment they deserve…no return business. Now that it was my turn to choose a place, I wanted to make sure that I could find a nice salon with a good variety with dresses that my bridesmaids could afford. I have expensive taste, which has been a source of an internal battle between what I want and what I think everyone in the wedding party will be happy with. If money were not an issue, they would be wearing Monique Lhuillier gowns. But, this is reality, and money IS an issue for 99% of the population, and you have to respect that not everyone wants to spend a million dollars on YOUR wedding. If I had the extra money I would buy all of the gowns for them but as it turns out weddings are a little pricy. Weird!

I scoped out a few different bridal shops in the area before choosing a place, which I highly recommend. You want a large selection and a price range that you think is fair. I ended up choosing B. Ella Bridal, ( a bridal salon in Plymouth, which has, fingers crossed, so far been the right choice.

The morning of shopping, my mom and three of my bridesmaids were to meet at my house and drive with me and we would meet everyone else at the salon. One of my bridesmaids (the one who recently lost her job) did not show up. After calls and texts and waiting an extra 10 minutes, we had not heard from her at all and so Rachelle text her to meet us at the salon.

The ride to the salon was only about 10 minutes so that’s all the time I had to be furious and get over it. When we all met at the salon and started picking out dresses for them to try on, I decided to push it out of my mind and just have fun. There is no point in dwelling on something you can’t change and I didn’t want something out of my control to ruin a one time experience. As it turns out there was a very legitimate excuse but there was no way of knowing that at the time.

I love fashion and I loved seeing all of my beautiful girls in such amazing dresses. We ended up choosing a gown that was much less money than the maximum spending price I had set so I was really happy about that. Brides- remember to have ALL of your bridesmaids try on the dress you are considering for them. Everyone’s body type is so unique and the dress can look completely different from one person to the next. I don’t believe in making bridesmaids look bad so the bride can look good. Who wouldn’t want their entire bridal party to look amazing??

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