Flowers & Fonts

Have you ever spent 20 minutes searching for the perfect “J” font?  Welcome to my personal hell.

We had our third meeting (why are there so many?) with our stationery designer to go over all of the changes that I wanted because as I have said previously I am mentally unable to just look at something and say “yep that’s good!”  I brought in my printed out pages of the proof with my changes as well as a bunch of Indian food stains on the front… keepin’ it classy.

We are trying to use a design on our invites and the one she chose we didn’t like…so she still has to send me some designs to look at before we can finalize this whole thing.  I am not exaggerating the time we spent choosing fonts.  I would not rest until the perfect fonts were chosen.  Joey’s facial expressions seemed to range from annoyed to angry to completely apathetic.  I was even annoying myself but I knew if I just picked one that I wasn’t totally happy with it would be all I would see when looking at the invitations.

I also had a follow up meeting with my amazing floral designer Bill.  He had pulled a couple of photos off of my pinterest and then found a couple photos himself to see what I like and what I don’t.  FYI I don’t like a lot of things, generally.

We went over the budget and confirmed quantities…then he just looked at me and was like “Is that it? No questions?”  Nope.  I’m not a very creative person so photos of what I like and what I don’t are about as far as I can take it.  Modern, clean, glam.  That’s about as much as he could get out of me.  This is how I know I am not a bridezilla.

I bought a veil.  Ladies, you will save a lot of money if you get one without beading.

We are now 5 months out from the wedding and I am starting to get anxiety.  About money, about all of the things I have left to do, and about things that haven’t even happened yet but I know WILL stress me out eventually.  My calendar is filling so fast with events and it makes me very uneasy.  My new thing is when I lay down that’s when I start thinking about all of the things that could go wrong.  It’s a great way to not get any sleep.

Next up on the itinerary is finalizing the invitations and placing the order, ordering linens (that I didn’t know we needed until now…), booking the limo, and oh yeah, planning the honeymoon.

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