Traditions & Trends We’re Skipping

Joey and I are both very non-traditional people.  We are getting married in a casino, we bought our house together when we were 19 & 20, and we dated for 11 years before getting engaged.  We don’t follow rules for the sake of following them.  While some of what we are doing with our wedding is very traditional, here’s a list of things you won’t see.

1) A Photo Booth:  Photo booths at weddings seem to be the hottest trend.  While their presence at weddings doesn’t bother me, it’s not something that he or I would ever have at an event.  I’ve heard “the photo booth was the best part of the wedding!” one too many times…if someone said that about my event I would have a meltdown.  I want everyone on the dance floor and socializing with each other, not waiting in line to take “funny” photos that you now see at almost every wedding.

2) The Garter Dance/Toss:  First of all, I wouldn’t subject Joey to that.  Also, isn’t that awkward to do in front of your family?  And finally, I don’t want to wear a garter all day.  It’s gonna be hot as hell in my dress as it is.

3) The Dollar Dance: I didn’t even know what this was until recently and I wish no one ever told me and I could go back to a simpler time where I thought that it didn’t exist.

4) Multiple Wedding Dresses:  I understand the concept behind them when you want a dress that you can dance easily in, but it’s not something I’m interested in doing.  I’m only getting married once and I want to wear the dress for as long as I can.

5) A Naked Wedding Cake: Because they are stupid.

6) Music Requests: The reason for this is twofold.  First, Joey and I are both really into music and we don’t listen to a lot of music that is popular right now.  Everyone will know and love the songs that we have chosen to play (several hours have gone into carefully selecting the playlist) but I know inevitably someone would request a song I hate, and I could only put so many Bruno Mars songs on my “Do Not Play” list.  Second, when we went to watch our DJ at a wedding, there were people coming up and putting in requests.  A couple of my favorites: Linkin Park, and “that three doors down song.  I don’t know the name of it but it’s really sad.”  The playlist is CRUCIAL to the vibe of the party and I will not allow it to be placed into anyone’s hands but ours. The songs must be DANCEABLE, not just a song you happen to like…but no one is going to be thinking about that except for ME.

7) Music Fake Out: The bride and groom are having their first dance, and then everyone thinks the music cuts out, but really it’s a ruse and the bride and groom start doing Thriller or some other coordinated dance.  Except it’s not a ruse because it’s been done so many times.  It was funny and cool at first but not so much anymore.

8) Wedding Programs & Favors:  Because it’s one more thing to worry about and pay for and no one will miss them.

I’ve been feeling a little bit better this week.  I’m plowing through my list like a boss.  After three proofs our invitations are on order.  Kara, my mom and I went shopping for bridal jewelry and I’ve got some Badgley Mischkas coming in the mail this week.  Getting closer!

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