Joey and his groomsmen all went to Men’s Wearhouse in Novi to pick out the tuxedos.  If Joey didn’t have a good sense of style I would have gone but I trusted him to pick something dapper.  They made a day of it and after the tuxes were chosen went out to eat and then out for wine and cigars while I was at home painting the kitchen like some kind of chump.

While I do not take it to the same extreme, I am my mother’s daughter and I ask a lot of questions.  I need to know the 5 Ws & H, and when it comes to weddings, if I don’t get these answers I immediately freak out.

“What day are the tuxes due back?”

“He didn’t tell me.”

“Why is the pick up the Thursday before the wedding?  That’s not enough time if they fuck something up.”

“That’s just what he wrote down.”

“He wrote this pick up thing out for November, not October.”

“Oh…well he said October.”

“Why are measurements due in June?  That’s too early.”

“He said you could get remeasured.”

“Until when?”

“Not sure.”

Therein lies the major difference between Joey and me.  I have to know everything about everything and he’s cool with the information someone offers.  Obviously I immediately made plans to go to Men’s Wearhouse and straighten this all out.  I got the pick up moved up one day and the drop off got moved one day later because they had them due back the day after the wedding, and I also had her put a note to allow measurements through August.  I picked out our ring bearer’s tux while I was there.  It was crazy busy in there because it is both wedding and prom season right now and you HAVE to make your voice heard.  They talk over you and half listen so you need to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Back to the kitchen renovation.  We are redoing our cabinets and painting the walls.  If you’re ever like “I’m gonna redo my cabinets myself!” I’m gonna stop you right there.  Sanding, priming and painting sounds easy enough but with cabinets it takes ten times as long and there is nowhere to walk or cook because wet cabinets are drying on every flat surface available. We’ve been working on it almost every weekend for a couple of months now.

There is a silver lining for a home project during wedding planning; you have something else to focus your energy on.  I would never take this on a month before the wedding or anything but we are still a few months out and it has been nice to have responsibilities other than strictly wedding duties.

We have officially ordered our invitations and sent over the guest list for printing on labels so we should be able to see them very soon!  Retyping every person’s name and address into a specific Excel format was tedious but I guess not as tedious to me as it was for Joey to read off the addresses to me as he acted like he was dying during the process.  Make sure if you are using labels for your invitations to print the list and cross reference to your guest list to make sure you didn’t leave anyone off.

In other news, Rachelle sent out my shower invitations!  Very exciting and moving very, very fast.


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