The Little Things Kill

I haven’t been blogging lately because there haven’t been any major happenings with wedding planning (besides people asking me if I’m done planning yet. Is getting married like childbirth where afterward you forget how painful it was?) It’s mostly been a bunch of little things, which I suspect is how it will be from now on. (Did you like my Bush reference? I am soooo cool!)

First and foremost: we have stuffed the invitations! Kara and my parents came over to help put them together. We opted for pocketfold invites and it was really helpful to have a number of people to create an assembly line putting them together. It didn’t take long at all with so many people helping. Last week we mailed the first batch: parents and some out-of-towners. We already got an RSVP from Joey’s dad and I started freaking out because I do not have my excel spreadsheet ready! I’ve got to get it together! It still doesn’t feel real at all and I don’t know that it will until it’s happening.

Second: I cannot find silver ribbon! I looked at Joann Fabrics, Michaels and Meijer and no one has silver!!! I need it for the cake. If you know where I can find some, help a sister out.

Third: WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO FIND A REHEARSAL DINNER LOCATION. We can’t do it at the venue because it’s 21+. We can’t do it in any places in the Detroit area because no one has parking. We can’t do it at any number of restaurants around my house because they either don’t have the time available that we need, they don’t take reservations, or the minimums are crazy. ($1,000 min? Get over yourself, Andiamo.)

Lastly: All of this stuff is so, so expensive. I work for Joey currently and it would help to have a secondary revenue stream so I am currently looking for another job! Don’t you want to hire me when I only need 15 days off this year?

All of my vendors keep saying “you’re so chill. You’re so laid back.” Hahahahahahahahahaha let’s just wait and see.