Just Over A Month

The closer the wedding is, the less stressed I become (for now) because I have less and less to do.  Pretty soon there will be nothing I can control and it will be in the hands of my vendors.  While to some people that might be scary I am at a point where I am welcoming it.  People keep asking me if I’m excited and I don’t really know how to respond to them because the answer is no.  For the past year my life has been checklists and payments and fighting, so I’m really just looking forward to everything being over.  I will be excited after we make our last payment….so about a week before the wedding.

Last weekend was our Bachelor/Bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  I know you guys aren’t going to believe this because it never happens to us, but a bunch of stuff went wrong, including Joey being too sick to even attend his own bachelor party.  I should have drank more and maybe I wouldn’t have cared as much about all of the things that went wrong.  I won’t even explain.  I’ll just post photos of the good times.

DSC03179 DSC03188




vegas7 vegas8 vegas18 vegas19 vegas20

We finally did book a spot for our rehearsal dinner, but not before having an experience that you can read about in my Yelp reviews here.

Two more days left for people to turn in RSVPs and we are only missing 50 people’s responses! Woo!