The Bridal Shower

The wedding is two months from today.  TWO MONTHS.  CUE THE FREAK OUT.


Last weekend was my bridal shower.  Because I am a busy body control freak I knew a lot about it beforehand.  Just like everything else with this godforsaken wedding it was difficult choosing a location.  The bridesmaids had great ideas of places to host it but some places never responded, some places were rude, and others, outrageously expensive.  We decided on Compari’s in downtown Plymouth.  I had never eaten there so we took a shot….and it was GREAT!

They have a room in the back that separated us from the restaurant diners.  The color we chose was aqua and it looked great against the walls!

The bridesmaids set up a “Something old, something new,…” theme which I didn’t know about and it was so cute.


Nail polish favors with heart cut outs.  Thanks pinterest!

One of my favorite things ended up being the “something borrowed” advice book from the guests at the shower!


My parents


My maid of honor Rachelle


So many gifts!!


Bridesmaid Kara, one of my best friends and mom to our flower girl, Kaydence


My bridesmaid aunt/friend Laura and her daughter, Carli, our jr. bridesmaid


Our flower girl, who started helping us open gifts and then eventually took off with some of them


Cake made by my grandma


Groom, bride, and my future mother-in-law


Something old…photos of us.  Homecoming and prom photos included!




Ashely, my bridesmaid and future sister-in-law


Bridesmaids, bride and groom!

The time FLEW BY.  I think I am starting to understand what people mean when they say to enjoy the wedding because it goes by extremely fast.

I felt unexpectedly overwhelmed at the shower.  I couldn’t even eat because my stomach was so tight.  I couldn’t sleep that night because I was having anxiety over all of the presents that everyone bought us.  I need Xanax!!

Speaking of the gifts…I wasn’t really expecting the mess.  I should have made room and cleaned everything before the shower but I wasn’t thinking.  We had four full loads of dishes of JUST new items.  It took several days to get everything put away and organized.  I had to completely rearrange our kitchen in order to make everything fit.  Now our kitchen looks soo classy.

I’m glad I listened to all of those articles that tell you to do your thank you notes right away.  I only have a few left and it’s nice to not have to worry about it.  It took quite a while but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the wedding thank yous!

It was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the shower without having to do any work.  My bridesmaids did such a great job… the little details were amazing and everyone had a good time.  I can’t believe it’s already over!!


Communication is Key…and Not Just With Your Fiance

My mom and I had a huge blowout of a fight a couple of months after I got engaged.  The reason it got to be such a screamfest (okay I was the only one screaming) was because prior to that day, instead of nipping things in the bud that were bothering me, I didn’t say anything.  I was attempting to keep the peace by not saying anything at all when she made comments I didn’t agree with, and by the end of a string of these comments, I completely lost my shit and let everything come out at once.  I am a very outspoken person so not speaking my mind from the get was basically like poison to my brain.  As soon as I let all of the toxic out, I felt relief, but I also felt sadness and guilt because of the scale of my reaction.  Had I calmly stated my issues or put my foot down a little harder in prior conversations, I doubt it would have gotten to the point that it did.

One of my bridesmaids recently lost her job, and as I was thinking about where to shop for bridesmaid gowns, I started to realize that it was a possibility that she may drop out of the wedding due to the expense.  I wouldn’t be replacing her, so I started thinking about how I would reorganize, where I would change my shower venue options to since the cost would be split between less people, etc.  I wanted her to be in the wedding, but only if she really wanted to be in it.  We are shopping for bridesmaid dresses in two weeks while my MOH Rachelle is in town, so I knew that I would have to get this figured out before we went shopping.  We went out to lunch today and as it turns out, she is still going to be in the wedding, and I had been worried for the past week for nothing.  My concerns were not irrational, but had I waited and not spoken to her about it, resentment may have built on both sides, and I would have gone on for months until the dresses were ordered, worrying that maybe she would drop out.  Now that’s one less thing that I have to stress about.

I encourage you to think about what is bothering you and why, and tactfully discuss it with the person that it applies to, because stress causes outbursts, and it also causes wrinkles… and nobody needs wrinkles.