RSVP, Find Out What It Means to Me

Every wedding article I’ve ever read describes RSVP time as the worst part of wedding planning.  It was annoying but definitely not the hardest part of the process.  To everyone who RSVPed: thank you, I appreciate you.  To everyone who didn’t RSVP: you’re dead to me.  Ha. Maybe.

What I don’t understand is why people can’t bring themselves to drop the envelope in the mail.  The postage is paid for, the envelope is addressed…all you have to do is fill out two little boxes.  We really did need to know exact counts because our meals are plated, so we had to give the number of each specific meal to our coordinator.

Kara had explained to me that she received a bunch of RSVPs right at the end of the due date, so I anticipated a mailbox full of RSVP cards come September 10th.  On September 11th I was still due about 25 RSVP cards, which is approximately 50 people.  I immediately put my dad on the case and had him contact people he knew, then I had Joey contact a few people, and I contacted a couple of people myself.  Some people’s RSVPs came late, which was okay because we planned for it and had two weeks extra allowance before our totals were due.  A lot of people just gave a verbal “no” because I guess putting the little X that goes by “regretfully declines” is just. too. difficult.

It is so rude not to RSVP to any kind of formal event, let alone a wedding.  It’s hard enough (and expensive enough!) getting the invitations out, and to not get a response is basically saying “I don’t even like you enough to put the RSVP in the mail.”

Our final number of invited guests was 164 and our final number of attendees is 126.  I was mildly upset with some of the people who declined until I realized how much money we were going to save.   We planned for 150 guests so it was a great relief when our budget actually went down.

I had my first dress fitting a couple of weeks ago, which went well except for the alterations charge.  All I needed was for it to be let out in the chest and they gave me some ghastly number which I will not repeat, but what am I going to do? It’s too close to go around looking for a different alterations person.  I guess that’s why they wouldn’t give me any kind of estimate the day I ordered my dress.

The closer we get to the wedding, the less there is to do because I do everything way ahead of schedule.  No vendor has to come looking for me; I done paid them and followed up too.

One of the main things I still have to finish is my vows.  It has been surprisingly difficult for me to convey what it is I feel.  I’m not a romantic person at all and having to say the words out loud isn’t making it easier.  I used these as a point of reference but have strayed pretty far from them.  We’ll see what comes to me.